Special Educational Needs

Arising from our Mercy ethos and its principles of inclusion, St. Vincent’s welcomes students with Special Educational Needs.

The support of students with Special Educational Needs is a whole school enterprise.

The school has a Special Education Needs Team of teachers to provide personalised support to students with learning difficulties and those with physical disabilities.

The Special Needs Co-ordinator leads the Special Needs Team and acts as a contact for parents and guardians. Regular contact with parents of students with Special Educational Needs is seen as a vital component of our work which is based on partnership between home and school.

The school provides a continuum of support from primary school through secondary and on to third level, for students with Special Educational Needs. This support begins before the student enrols, with liaison between the SEN team and the student’s parents and primary school. We encourage parents to meet the Special Needs Co-ordinator and members of the SEN team at the Open Night for students who are about to enrol. We then work in conjunction with the NCSE and NEPS to ensure that the appropriate supports are put in place before the student joins the school.

In consultation with parents, students who have been identified as having learning needs are facilitated in a variety of ways, according to their needs. These may include High Support in English and Maths up to Junior Certificate and in Resource Groups, where appropriate. Students may take the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme.

Students with a physical disability may have the support of a Special Needs Assistant, where necessary, and appropriate assistive technology. We liaise with the Visiting Teacher Service for students with sensory impairments.

The SEN co-ordinator applies for Reasonable Accommodations in State examinations for qualifying students. The Guidance & Counselling Team advises on the transition to Third Level education through the DARE scheme.

St. Vincent’s is an inclusive school. Our aim is to ensure that every student is enabled to fulfil her potential academically and socially and to take an active part in the life of the school community.