Culture Club

March 21, 2017

Lunchtime just got interesting

The Culture Club is a lunchtime activity open to all fifth and sixth years. Launched by Miss Kelly on November 10, it intends to offer senior-cycle students a space to watch influential films and documentaries and read books on a range of important themes and issues.The first theme up for exploration was gender equality and the “Women watching Women” session started with a screening of “Suffragette”, a film outlining the struggle to secure voting rights for women in Britain at the start of the twentieth century.
The club sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 12.45pm.

They have read the novel “Only Ever Yours” by Louise O’Neill.
They have also watched:
An episode of “Mad Men”
The documentary “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry”
“The September Issue”, a documentary about US Vogue’s September issue and its editor, Anna Wintour
“The True Cost”, a hard-hitting documentary about the cost of “fast fashion”