EU Code Week – St Vincent’s Codathon 2017.

November 3, 2017

St Vincent’s Secondary School were lucky enough to be selected by Google to receive sponsorship as part of Europe Code Week.  As a result we offered local primary schools the opportunity to take part in a coding workshop in our school.

467 primary school students from 12 different primary schools visited St Vincent’s over EU Code Week to take part in our Codathon.  Our TY students taught students how to use Scratch, how to programme a BBC microbit, they used inventors kits to make fans and they also used iPads to code Spheros and Lego Boost around the St Vincent’s maze as well as bowling with them

We had students from Rampark NS, Bellurgan, St Olivers NS Carlingford, Realt na Mara, St Daighs, St Malachy’s GNS, Mullabuoy NS and St Fursey’s NS.  

Click on the link below to see photos of our Codathon.
Thanks to all primary schools for taking part!