heartIn St. Vincent’s we strive to cater for every student’s pastoral needs. Our pastoral structure revolves around all the Teaching Staff, The Class Tutor, The Year Head, The Guidance Counsellors, The School Chaplain, the Senior Management team and The SEN Department. Our Pastoral Care is there to provide support and guidance to all our students.

Each class has a Tutor, who is especially responsible for the care of the students in that class, relating to each girl in a special way, getting to know her and her background. She or he should be the girls’ first port-of-call if there are any difficulties.  The work of all the Tutors in any year group is co-ordinated by the Year Head.  The Year Head will get to know the girls very well during their time here and will monitor their behaviour and their general progress.

There are many people here in St Vincent’s to help ease the transition to Secondary school.  First Year students also have 6th Year students to act as their Mentors, informing them, advising them and passing on any concerns that they may have.

In an effort to support the work of the Mentors we offer them a unique ‘Leadership in St Vincent’s’ training session. In this session or series of sessions we work with the senior girls as they compile their mission statement and we empower them to be compassionate leaders in an atmosphere of care, respect and joy. This year the Mentors have come up with the following Mission Statement:


We want to be mentors who motivate, inspire, bring out the best in others and work to make a positive difference for all. We want to be role models who support our school community as we listen and work together in an effort to understand and help each unique student. We want to be encouraging, compassionate and approachable, offering a sense of respect, care and joy as we remain true to the Mercy tradition.

As a Catholic school liturgical ceremonies are a very important part of life in St Vincent’s.  Each class begins with a prayer and there are penitential services at Christmas and Easter.  There are also ceremonies on Ash Wednesday.  During the first term there is a Mass, attended by all the school staff and students, to mark the opening of the school year.  First Years have a special First Year Mass, to which parents are invited, to mark their entry into our school community and to ask God’s blessing on them and their work during their time in St Vincent’s.  One a week each year group gathers in the Hall for Assembly.  There are also special prayer services for each class during the year.

 Be assured we are all here to enable and empower your daughter as she journeys through her adolescent years and strives to become all that she can be!