Literacy and Numeracy SIP

April 28, 2017

For our school year 2016/17 in St Vincent’s, we are once again guided by our Literacy and Numeracy School Improvement Plans (SIP). We are working hard on each Evaluation Theme in an effort to reach our Improvement Targets within each scheduled time frame.  As per our Literacy SIP, we are working with our 1st Year cohort  in the main, however, we are constantly and consistently aware of the explicit and implicit literacy and numeracy themes that arise during each lesson in every year group and especially with our 2nd years.

As per our Literacy SIP, our Numeracy SIP shows our areas of achievement and our areas for improvement. We celebrate the literacy and Numeracy achievements in  St Vincent’s and work to maintain this standard. There are always new and exciting ways to engage with literacy and numeracy and we enjoy exploring them as we remain committed to empowering all of our students to be the best they can be.