Teaching and Learning Team

In order to support the implementation of the St Vincent’s School Self–Evaluation (SSE) process and School Improvement Plan (SIP) we decided to develop a Teaching and Learning (T&L) team.

The function of the T&L team is to engage with the St Vincent’s SSE process and SIP within the Literacy and Numeracy framework.

We plan to explore the literacy and numeracy levels in school by gathering evidence on attitudes and attainment in both and then working to introduce interventions that will support our students in their quest for lifelong learning. As we implement interventions we will monitor and review progress and continue to proceed with the SSE cycle.

Throughout the year our T&L team meet during whole Staff days and otherwise to:

  • engage in creative professional dialogue for teaching and learning,
  • discuss and make decisions related to teaching and learning within the St Vincent’s Literacy and Numeracy Framework
  • actively take part in specific task teamwork
  • relate and discuss each T&L initiative with all members of staff during subject department meetings.


The St Vincent’s T&L Team together with the whole staff work to promote inclusivity in the SSE process and the SIP within the Literacy and Numeracy Framework and in line with the ‘National Strategy to improve Literacy and Numeracy among Children and Young People 2011 – 2020.’ We believe in lifelong learning and equipping our students to enjoy their educational journey in a holistic way.