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Welcome to St Vincent's Secondary School
St Vincent’s is a Voluntary Catholic Secondary school for girls given direction by the Mercy philosophy of education and under the trusteeship of CEIST

St. Vincent’s, as an all girls school, is inspired by the Mercy philosophy of education. We recognise and encourage the power of women for the betterment of society, and are committed to providing a learning and teaching environment that enables our female students to fulfill their potential.

Inspired by the vision of Catherine McAuley, Mercy Education is committed to holistic development and to the achievement of the full potential of each student, particularly those who are disadvantaged or marginalized. It is a process informed by and influenced by the teaching and example of Jesus Christ and is conducted in an atmosphere of care, respect and joy.
Principal: Deirdre Matthews
St Vincent's Secondary School
Seatown Place
Co. Louth

042 933 2790

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