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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Each 1st year class has a team of 5th year Mentors who guide them through their first year in St Vincent's. In order to become a mentor the 5th year students return to school in August and spend two days training to become leaders, rooted in the servant leadership of Catherine McAuley. Out of the two days training, one is spent in school and the other in Mercy International on Baggott Street, Dublin. Participating in a workshop and an interactive walk through the amazing stages in Catherine’s life, the prefects are afforded the opportunity to learn how Catherine spent her time educating and caring for young women. The young leaders are always spellbound by Catherine's story and feel privileged to be emulating her work in some small way. During the second day training in St Vincent's the student work on their mission statement, their leadership of service and messages of welcome and hope for the 1st years. These messages are hung on the doorways of each classroom for the 1st years to arrive and visually recognise that their prefects have prepared for their arrival! . A variety of roles are available for prefects with students being assigned roles that both interest them and which they have shown a natural talent for. Examples of roles include

  • Second Year Prefect
  • Third Year Prefect
  • Blueprint Prefect
  • Debating Prefect
  • Environment Prefect
  • Library Prefect
  • Sports Prefect
  • Wellbeing Prefect

Library Leaders
Students apply to become Library Leaders in Transition Year. The Library Leaders follow a rota each week and manage the library at lunchtime for all of the students to avail of it. These students eagerly learn how to use the library software and help the junior students with the AR programme. We are very grateful to our TY’s for their dedication towards supporting the effective management of our school library and in turn the literacy skills of so many students.

Language Mentoring
Each year senior students mentor Junior Certificate students to prepare for their Junior Cert French orals. The care and respect of these older students and the joy with which they carried out their work is a testament to their commitment to playing an active, caring and responsible role in the school community and in society.

The Lighthouse Leaders
This programme is about exploring faith and sharing faith. It is very much about the ethos of our school and how we live it in words and deeds. The Lighthouse Leaders mentor 6th class pupils from Realt na Mara primary school and help to prepare them for their Confirmation. Each Lighthouse Leader attends the Confirmation ceremony showing support for their team of 6th class pupils. Last year Archbishop Eamon Martin celebrated the Confirmation ceremony and was so impressed with the Lighthouse Leaders that in May 2017 he came to visit them in school. Archbishop Eamon chatted with the Lighthouse Leaders and afterwards spoke of how impressed he was with them for their work and their confidence in their ability to speak about a personal and communal faith.

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Lighthouse Leaders 2019/20

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