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CARE Committee

CARE Committee

The Amber Flag Initiative was a huge success and it enhanced the excellent work that was already being done in the school to promote positive mental health among our staff and students. The school proudly received it's Amber Flag in 2017.

The Amber Flag has been rebranded as the CARE committee, same mission with a different name. These are a group of students and teachers who work to enhance the Mindfulness of the student body. With regular meetings at lunchtime, they aim to impact and have very beneficial results for the whole student body. This year the artistic members haven taken on the challenge of creating a student notice-board to act as a focal point for all. The details for extra-curricular club meetings are therefore easily accessible. They hope to reduce the amount of paper used by advertising in one spot and, so, linking with our colleagues in the Green Schools Initiative. In addition, there will be a dedicated section for good news! They also leave messages to congratulate each other on the many amazing achievements. The CARE committee hope the students will use this board to “empower your voices”.


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