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At St Vincent’s, our ethos is one of care, respect and joy. We work to engage with every individual student’s talents and skill base. We have always encouraged our students to flourish at a local, national and global level as well as through her personal and communal identity. We seek to encourage relationships that are immersed in trust and respect in our community and indeed within the wider community. We are proud to note that we are consistently congratulated on our students behavior at events, matches, trade fairs, competitions, conference and liturgical celebrations, to name but a few.

Wellbeing is part of who we are and always have been. We are excited to formally recognize wellbeing in our curriculum and in our co-curricular activities. We recognise wellbeing as the foundation of lifelong learning and are committed to the task of engaging in collective and collaborative practice to name and formally embed wellbeing in our timetable.

At St Vincent’s we support Scientists, encourage eloquence, sponsor sporting ability, create confectioners, back business, mentor musicians and applaud attainment at every level it is embraced. Wellbeing is at the heart of who we are and is woven into the fabric of our vision of Mercy holistic education.


Finn joined our school community in 2019


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