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Transition Year

Transition Year

Transition year

Transition Year offers our students an exciting and broad range of educational experiences. Students undertake learning in core subjects including Irish, English, Maths and French which develop knowledge, understanding and skills to support their learning into senior cycle. In addition to modules in Science, Business, History and Geography they also experience new subjects and modules such as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification, Coding, Careers, Enterprise, Mini Company, Drama and Film Studies.

Students are encouraged to undertake the Gaisce programme during TY. Gaisce or ‘great achievement’ is a self-development programme for young people between the ages of 15-25 and has been in existence since 1985. The Awards initially flourished under the patronage of former President Patrick. J Hillery and to date and have been carried by incoming President’s. Gaisce is a self-development programme that encourages students to find their passion, get active and make a difference in their community. Gaisce is a direct challenge from the President of Ireland to young people aged 15-25 to dream big and realise their potential. There are three levels of Gaisce; Bronze, Silver and Gold. During Ty the girls work towards achieving a Bronze award. By taking part in Gaisce, each student will take on exciting personal, physical and community challenges and develop new skills and new friendships.

Another important element of TY is the work experience programme each student takes part in. Work experience takes place twice a year for week long blocks. This helps students gain an understanding of career they might be considering for the future and develop and enhance their skills.

Transition Year students take on many leadership roles within the school. They organise and manage three major events and are an integral part of helping to manage and run other events within various subject areas throughout the year. TY girls produce an annual musical which continues to be a sell-out event. Our now famous school talent and fashion show Fashionably Talented is entirely run by transition years. They are responsible for act selection and mentoring, Costume design and manufacturing, production, finance, marketing and delivery of the annual event in DKIT. Each December TY school mini companies host a trade fair and invite local primary and post primary schools to sample products made by students. These mini companies go on to take part in various enterprise competitions. These whole school events enable our girls to develop a myriad of skills including leadership, teamwork, problem solving, organisational skills and communication skills which are essential skills for the successful participation in the world of work, further and higher education and indeed life.

Students are afforded the opportunity to undertake an extensive extra-curricular programme in TY which includes:

  • banking challenges,
  • first aid courses,
  • school digital champions initiative,
  • film school,
  • debating, public speaking,
  • coding competitions,
  • maths competitions
  • driving school.

Students’ progress to Leaving Certificate after completing Transition Year or Junior Cycle. They have three options to choose from Leaving Certificate Established, Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme and Leaving Certificate Applied.




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