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Raising Awareness of the Problem of Climate Change on Friday 15th March


The student body of St Vincent’s have planned the following action to raise awareness of the problem of climate change and demand action from political parties to stop climate change. As part of the global student movement on climate action there is a national day of awareness and protest by students on the 15th of March 2019. To raise awareness they plan:

* To speak at assemblies for each year group all week.

* To read out a letter drafted by the student council to be sent to local and national politicians at student assemblies each day this week.

* To invite each student to sign the petition letter.

* To show in each class group a presentation on the effects of plastic on the environment followed by discussion on what students can do to prevent this.

* To wear green on Friday the 15th of March to unite as a student body in highlighting awareness for action to prevent climate change.

* In each year group to organise banners/ posters for Friday to highlight awareness when they participate in a protest outside the school. Each year group will protest for a 40 minute period.

* A student council representative from each class will represent St Vincent’s at the march organised by local students.

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