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Leaving Certificate Computer Science


St Vincent’s Students among the first to sit Leaving Certificate Computer Science.

St Vincent’s Secondary School is one of the first schools in the country to offer Computer Science for the Leaving Certificate Examination. This means that Computer Science is equivalent to all other subjects in terms of CAO points.

The staff and students have been preparing for this significant development since 2015. Coding was introduced on the timetable for all first and TY students in September 2015.

The St Vincent’s first year coding curriculum introduces students to the basics of coding with Scratch and Swift. In Transition Year students develop these skills further by learning CSS, HTML, programming with BBC Microbits and completing mini physical computing projects such as programming a fan, a stepper or a compass using inventors kits. Students also have the opportunity to code using iPads and Sphero and Lego Boost robots. This year, St Vincent’s have also introduced coding as a short course as part of the new Junior Cycle.

Therefore, choosing computer science is a natural progression for many students in St Vincent’s.

The Computer Science Curriculum aims to develop and foster creativity and problem solving, as well as promoting both independent and group work. The assessment will be made up of a final leaving certificate examination worth 70% and coursework worth 30% of the total Leaving Cert Grade. Students will be expected to submit an individual final year practical project where they will use Computer Science to solve an everyday problem. They will become proficient in programming languages such as Python and Javascript. Part of their final examination will be conducted online. This will be the first Leaving Certificate examination to be examined using an online platform.

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