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This year St Vincent’s was awarded it’s sixth Green Flag, based on the theme of “Global Citizenship- litter and waste”. This is a huge achievement for the school and the Green Flag Committee would like to extend a big thank you to all who participated in the programme.

The overall aim of the Global Citizenship Litter & Waste theme was to create a knowledge and understanding about the link between environmental degradation and human rights. Over the last two years the committee has promoted this theme by focusing on reducing plastic waste in the school. Recycling bins were placed in all classrooms and a campaign was undertaken to encourage the use of reusable water bottles. Battery recycling boxes were also placed around the school and first years attended a roadshow based on litter waste. Transition year students created an interactive noticeboard raising awareness of the effects of plastic waste in the ocean and they also undertook the clean up of a local graveyard. Four TY students also attended a workshop in Dublin to learn more about how we reduce individual plastic waste. Second year students organized a Culture Day to link in with the ‘Globalisation’ aspect of the theme. They invited a guest speaker to the school to discuss his experiences as refugee in Ireland. Individual students gave presentations about their own national identity, raising awareness about cultural diversity in St. Vincent’s.

The school has managed to reduce its general waste and create real change by acting locally and effecting a more equitable, just and sustainable world for all. Well done to everybody!

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