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The Culture Club is a lunchtime activity open to all fifth and sixth years. Launched by Ms Kelly in 2016, it intends to offer senior-cycle students a space to watch influential films and documentaries and read books on a range of important themes and issues. The club sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday at lunchtime and the club has become a firm fixture for many of our students.
The first theme up for exploration was gender equality and the “Women Watching Women” session started with a screening of “Suffragette”, a film outlining the struggle to secure voting rights for women in Britain at the start of the twentieth century. Subsequent sessions looked at fashion, classic films and those daring to be different. During these sessions, the girls watched documentaries on the rise of the feminist movement in America, the true cost of producing low-cost fashion and the high-price of working for American Vogue. They were introduced to the life of Gabrielle Chanel before she became Coco Chanel and the wonder that is Iris Apfel.
To mark the first year of the club and to celebrate the interest and enthusiasm shown by all the attendees, 44 students received badges at the 2017 Awards Night created by Ms Kelly. The badges read “Uppity Women Unite” and they are replicas of the badges seen in the documentary, “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry”.
Aisling Carthy, Catherine McAuley Award Winner 2017 and past member of the Culture Club, returned to give a motivating talk to this year’s members on what she believes has contributed to the creation of her identity. This helped to launch the club's new session on identity.
The club expanded on its activities by marking International Women’s Day and posting inspirational quotes and artwork on the LC corridor and screening Suffragette. Five students dressed up as their favourite heroines and visited first and second year classes in order to inform them about the achievements of these fantastic women.

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