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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Debating as an extra-curricular activity is offered to all students from 2nd year through to 6th year. Every year students are entered into a wide variety of competitions in the field of debating and public speaking. Students have participated in the Mental Health Ireland Public Speaking Project, the Belvedere Junior Mace Debating, the Oxford Union Debating, the Cambridge Debating, the Debating Science Issues, the Europe Direct Soapbox competitions and the mock European Parliamentary debates series.

Strong cross-curricular links with the SPHE, CSPE, History, Geography and the Science Departments are fostered by our activities in this area. Furthermore, in keeping with the school’s ethos, and remaining cognisant of our commitment to strive for the holistic development of the students, debating in St Vincent’s is driven by the desire to instil in our students a love of oration, in addition to heightening their awareness of the power of rhetoric. In so doing, students are encouraged to become active members of the school community through their endeavours to become ambassadors for the spoken word.

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